14th Dec 2012
общ изглед хотел*Поморие*

Cosmetic procedures- Health complex Pomorie

SPA Complex Pomorie-wonderful possibility to relax your body.Our qualified personnel will help you to revitalize your body and restore your energy.

14th Dec 2012
hotel *Pomorie*

Beauty & health from Bulgarian nature

Unic symbiosis of Pomorie lake brine*Solilug* and unic Bulgarian herbs -thyme,rosemary,lavander, lemon and many more.

14th Dec 2012
общ изглед хотел*Поморие*


A wealth of minerals, vitamins and micronutrients, this pure algae body wrap activates the body’s functions, relieves aches and pains.

14th Dec 2012
Слънчева тераса


The aromatherapy and the fragrances are closely connected with the term „well - beeing “. It concerns the internal peace, harmony between spirit and body.

14th Dec 2012

Information about Mud from the Salt Lake

The firth mud & brine - thats the black gold of Pomorie! Numerous people from all over the world tried its beneficts! Just believe us!

13th Dec 2012

Indications for treatment

Help your body to reduse the daily stress with our natural products and various methods of medical treatment .

13th Dec 2012

Health packages

Its time to think of your good health ! Pls, leave this in the hands of our high qualify staff! Just believe in the magic of limman mud!

13th Dec 2012

Treatments in Spa centre

Hotel Pomorie - the best choice not only for sea recreation but for treatment too. You need only to trust our high qualifed staff and feel the change!

13th Dec 2012

Cocktail & billiard club

Near the lobby bar you can find the CASINO, where  you can spend a couple of hours in the good company of your friends. You can try out your luck...

13th Dec 2012
restaurant *Pomorie*


Restaurant Pomorie is situated on the 4th  floor in the main building . It includes main restaurant, banquet hall and a sunny dinning room for buffet style meals .It is...