Indications for treatment

Besides the natural  characteristics features of the Pomorie area , there are various methods of medical treatment , which are successfully used in our complex such as kinesitherapy. We have  a modern equipment for Physiotherapy, Nemektrodin, electrophoresis with brine and other drugs, ultrasonic, magnetic  bed, and UKW. Our swimming pools with sea water are successfully used for a health gym.


 1 .Locomotorium diseases:– arthrosis

  1. – arthritis

    – recovery periods after traumas and fractures 

  2. Peripheral and central nervous system diseases:– neuritis

    – radiculitis

    – discal hernia 

  3. Skin diseases:– psoriasis with psoriatic arthritis

    – trophic skin ulcers, eczemas 

  4. Respiratory system diseases:– bronchitis, sinuitis , laringitis , faringitis , tonsilitis , rinitis , tracheitis


Pressure therapy, by means of controlled-pressure pneumatic massage, helps prevent circulatory disorders and can be used to treat oedema and peripheral circulatory conditions.

Thanks to the design of its components and to its numerous programming possibilities, we offer each patient a special, comfortable and very effective personal treatment.


·         Post-operative oedema

·         Preventing varicose veins, in the presence of symptoms of this condition ( heavy, tired legs, oedema and fluid retention, etc.)

·         Post-partum care

·         Cellulis &  Obesity

·         Improving skin nutrition and recovering skin elasticity

·         Lymphoedema and venous oedemas

·         Maintaining the normal return circulation

·         General detoxification of the organs

·         Stimulating the return venous and lymphatic circulation

·         Preventing thrombosis in the bedridden , after cosmetic surgery it is extremely useful in helping to re-establish normal circulation in the area. This is essential following liposuction or liposculpture

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