The Pomorie resort provides excellent natural, climatic and balneological conditions for developing and combining the sea with the recreational tourism. The town is convinuously located in the middle of the Black sea coast – only 8 km. away from the Bourgas airport, about 20 km. away from Bourgas, and 19 km from the famous Black sea resort Sunny beach.

The unique situation of the town, perched on a rocky peninsula, is a leading scenery-ground not only in the Bourgas bay but on the whole Black sea coast. The beach becomes one with the “Kraibrezhna” street. The Pomorie hotel together with open-air theatre is built on the very rocks, amazingly overhanging above the sea.

The sea takes part visually both in the seaside buildings and the walkway in the “Javorov” street.

The climatic conditions of the resort are strongly influenced by the sea. That is why the summer here is pleasantly hot, which allows tourists to stay longer on the beach, autumn is warm, dry and long and the winter is mild. The summer heats alongside the sea can be felt easily thanks to the sea breeze.

The relative humidity in Pomorie is 79%.  Together with  the mild climate they are extremely good features for developing of the medical tourism .Now days Pomorie’s  biggest treasure in this direction is the usage  of the  unique local natural resources lake mud and brine and their  combined curative powers.

The average air and water temperature from May to September is about 21C.The water is pleasant for sea-bathing till October, which gives the opportunity to prolong the summer season.

The beach strip is covered with fine, on some places black ferrous sand  , rich in ferry, magnesium, aluminium and manganese. The sea bottom slopes but gently, there are no rocks and swimming zones are protected from currents by stone jetties.

Due to all these natural characteristic features, Pomorie resort offers you restful and relaxing holidays in warm sunshine with the freshness of the sea and the hospitality of the locals, which you can get in touch in the numerous private cafe and national style restaurants where you are always Welcome.

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