Information about Mud from the Salt Lake

The healing properties of the Pomorie firth mud which is formed at the bottom of the Pomorie lake, have been acknowledged since antiquity when it was used by the Thracians and the Romans.

The mud is ranked among the best in the world for its proven medicinal and healing properties. IT is a natural product formed from organic and non-organic compounds, which are activated by biological, chemical, and microbiological processes,taking place naturally on the Pomorie lake bed. The abundant healing properties contained in the mud include:

  • hydrogen sulphate-0.2g to 100g mud
  • magnesium- 0.15g, chloride-1.7g
  • calcium- 0.03g.
  • sodium-0.98g.
  • sulphate
  • iron compounds

It is well known fact that the mud is renowned for its anti-inflammatory effects which also stimulating the bodies own metabolic processes. Successfully treated conditions include ailments of the bones and joints; post surgical and trauma conditions; skin disorders and nervous conditions.

One of the unique properties of the Pomorie salt lake mud is the positive effect it has on the reproductive system of the human organism, especially in the treatment of sterility. Gynecological mud application is suitable for the treatment of the female reproductive system, especially parametritis and sterility.

The other highly acclaimed product extracted from Pomorie lake is known as “ LUGA’- (brine). This is a densely salted liquid produced during the salt production. The anti-inflammatory effect of “luga” (brine) is especially recommended for skin complains such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers etc.


  • mud Applications – whole body, legs, partial
  • mud bath/tub  – correlation   2:1, 1:1,1:2
  • brine treatments
  • physiotherapy
  • pressure therapy
  • massages – classic manual, underwater and vibromassages
  • thalassotherapy
  • aromatherapy , with sea brine from Pomorie salt lake , with Bulgarian herbs
  • herbal bath
  • inhalation with brine
  • magneterapy

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